Sequence Dancing Australia

Ever wondered what dances they do around Australia?


 Along with orders for all our Sequence and New Vogue DVDs, we get requests from everywhere asking for dance compilations for personal DVDs. The personal requests include the following dances -

Catherine's Waltz

New Vogue Waltz

Engagement Waltz

White Diamond Foxtrot

Alpine Stroll

Miami Rumba

Black Knight Tango

Serida Tango

Paso Madrid

Tango Terrific

Katrina Samba

Social Samba

Heather's Saunter

Blue Angel Rumba

Shiraz Saunter

Bluebell Swing

42nd Street Swing

Champagne NVW

Universal Quickstep

Camron NVW

Rossillini Rumba

Silver Wedding Waltz

Saunter Sancerre

Crystal Cha Cha

Mamma Mia Cha Cha

Iris Foxtrot

Beverley Anne Waltz

Presentation Waltz

Crackerjack Jive

Wintergardens Waltz

Wattle Bossa Nova

Sapphire Saunter


So, what are you waiting for? Get your personal DVD compilation requests in today.



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